Conference materials. Steps.

According to the results of reviewing at the end of the conference, participant materials will be published as articles in the journals:
  • "Izvestiya vuzov. Problems of Power Engineering" (VAK)
  • "Kazan State Power University Bulletin" (VAK)
  • "Izvestiya SPSEU" (VAK)
Articles must meet the requirements, rules and topics of the journals.

ATTENTION. The report will be published only if it is presented in person or online during the plenary and breakout sessions of the conference.

Information letter.

Until November 25, 20:00 (Moscow time)
Authors need to register with the submission of the topic and main theses of the report until 20:00 on November 25, 2022 according to the form.

After acceptance of the registration with the abstracts, the authors will be sent a personal electronic confirmation of participation. Accepted abstracts will be published in a separate collection in electronic version with assignment of DOI index and posted in the RSCI on the day of the conference.

Until November 29, 20:00 (Moscow time)
The following data, materials and documents must be submitted/attached to the form after receiving the invitation by 20:00 on November 25, 2022:
  • Application Form. One application form for all authors (co-authors) of the report should be filled in for each report.
  • Start block of the report: title, abstract, keywords.
  • A copy of the payment document for the organizational fee (if there is a document).

Until December 3, 20:00 (Moscow time)
After the initial review, the following materials and documents must be submitted/attached by 8 p.m. on December 3, 2022 on the form:
  • Basic block of the report: text of the report, list of references.
  • Figures (graphs, diagrams, drawings and photographic images) should be placed in the text of the paper, as well as attached as separate files. All images must be of high quality.
  • An expert opinion on the possibility of publication.

File requirements:
  • The volume of the report is up to 22000 characters, including spaces.
  • Submitted files are named by the surname of the first author of the report (for example, Smirnov.doc). If several papers are submitted with the same first author, a digital number is added to the file name (e.g. Smirnov Ivan I. 1.doc).
Articles received by the editorial board of the conference after the specified deadlines will not be considered.

December 9-10
Conference days


Dear participants. We offer you accommodation in the best hotels in St. Petersburg at special rates.

Attention! The number of rooms at a special rate for participants is limited and is valid for the period of stay

From 08.12.2022 till 11.12.2022.

Hotel locations and conference venue