Saint-Petersburg State University Of Econimics
Fund of educational projects "Nadezhnaya Smena" (Reliable change)
International Council on Large Electric Systems – CIGRE
BRICS Youth Energy Agency
CIS Electric Power Council
Russian Argentinean Industrial Union
Conference chairman
Yongheng Yang, Professor, Zhejiang University (PRC), recipient of the IEEE Richard M. Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Engineer (PELS) program, secretary of the IEEE PELS Technical Committee on Sustainable Energy Systems, and member of the Council of the Chinese Power Supply Society (China)

Conference co-chairman
Maksimtsev Igor', rector of St. Petersburg State University of Economics UNECON, Doctor of Economics, Professor (Russia)

Executive Director of the organizing committee, Editor-in-chief
Natalia Trifonova, Ph.D. in Economics, Head of International Business Department, St. Petersburg State Economic University

Invited Editor
Professor Konstantin Suslov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering, Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Head of Research Committee C1 "System Development and Economics" RSC CIGRE

Editorial Board
  • Egorov Alexander, PhD (Engineering sciences), Associate Professor, Department of NPP UralENIN, Ural Federal University named after the First President B.N. Yeltsin
  • Alexander Maizel, Candidate of Science (Economics), Associate Professor, International Business Department, St. Petersburg State Economic University
  • Elena Khutieva, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, International Business Department, UNECON.

Executive members
  • Artem Korolev, Director of Fund "Reliable change (Russia)
  • Alexander Kormishin, Chairman, BRICS Youth Energy Agency (IEA BRICS)
  • Olga Frolova, Director of Strategy Department, Executive Committee of CIS Electric Power Council (Russia)
  • Elena Gorbashko, Dr. of Economics, Professor, Vice-Rector for Science, St. Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia)
  • Dr. Marcelo Augusto L. Alves, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic School, University of Sаo Paulo (Brazil)
  • Prof.Dr. Cagri Bulut, Dean, Faculty of Business, Yasar University (Turkiye)
  • Yamil Quispe, Chairman of Russian-Argentine Industrial Union, The President of Neuquén Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries (Vaca Muerta, Argentina), Ambassador of Argentina at BRICS+ International Forum
  • Anton Ivanov, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor (USA)
  • Dr. Ivan Kurta, Candidate of Science (Engineering), Deputy Director (Chief Expert) of scientific-research center "Gazpromneft-Polyteh", Theoretical Mechanics Higher School, Saint-Petersburg Peter the Great Polytechnic University (Russia)
  • Roman Belyaevsky, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director, Institute of Energy, Kuzbass State Technical University
  • Elena Vorontsova, Head of Strategic Partnership Department, Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)

Organizing Committee Working Group
  • Anna Kovaleva, Ph.D. - communication with foreign partners, organization of the international seminar
  • Alexander Paren - technical support, web-moderation
  • Marina Vlasova, Ph.D. - Management of the conference strategic projects, content development
  • Irina Vardanyan, Ph.D. - communication with academic partners
  • Irina Rogova, Ph.D. - front-office
  • Anna Konareva, Anna - communication with corporate partners, organization of the international seminar
  • Ekaterina Tsypurdeeva, Ph.D. - communication with the business community
  • Ellona Mizova - coordination
  • Darya Ipatova - conference analyst
Technical partner
  • Russian next-generation webinar and videoconferencing service.

Informational support